Team-Based Data Management Instruction at Small Liberal Arts Colleges


This paper describes a collaborative approach taken by librarians at five small, regional liberal arts colleges to developing/enhancing research data management services on their campuses. The five colleges collectively belong to a consortium known as the Northwest Five Consortium. Over 10 months, librarians from the five schools collaborated to plan a data management and curation workshop with the goals of developing relationships with researchers working with data, developing their own research data management skills and services, and building a model for future training and outreach around institutional research data management services. This workshop brought together research teams including faculty, students, and librarians, and incorporated active learning modules as well as in-depth pre-workshop discussion. This article will discuss the context and background for this workshop, the model itself, and the outcomes and possibilities for future developments.

IFLA Journal
Ryan Clement
Ryan Clement
Data Services Librarian

I help students, faculty, and staff find, use, and visualize data and other information. My research interests include information and data literacy, data visualization, library assessment, and user experience/service design.